7 Best Kannada comedy movies on amazon prime

Best Kannada Comedy Movies On Amazon Prime“: Laughing keeps you healthy and young, One best way of it is watching best comedy movies. Finding the list of best comedy movies is difficult, So here we made your job easy. Find the best “comedy Kannada movies on amazon prime“. Amazon Prime is a best platform to watch best Kannada movies of all genres Thriller, Horror, romantic, comedy. This list of Kannada comedy movies on amazon prime will surely uplift your moods and will be worth of time.

Best Kannada Comedy Movies On Amazon Prime

Comedy is a one genre which is liked by all age people, from children’s to grandparents. enjoyed by all the ages. So, we all love watching comedy movies. this list of “best Kannada comedy movies on amazon prime” will definitely make your day.

1. Ikkat

Ikkat the latest 2021 Kannada Comedy Film Streaming on Amazon prime directed by Hassen Khan, Esham Khan Staring Nagabushana, Manjunath Bhat and Naveena Chethana. Is a story of a couple who were talking divorce have forced to live together during Covid lockdown, How they spent the lockdown in the home with the unexpected guest is the story. Must watch Kannada comedy film if you are a Comedy film lover. IMDB rating 7.1/10

2. French biriyani

Best Kannada Film list

French Biriyani is a 2020 Kannada language Comedy drama film directed by Pannaga Bharana and features Comedian Danish Sait and Sal Yusuf. A person Simon from French pharmaceutical company in France comes to India to meet his company’s clients. On his way he arrives in Bangalore and meets Azgar, an Auto rickshaw driver. The story is a three-day trip between them and changes come to their life they look. IMDB rating 5.8/ 10

3. Gubbi mele Brahmastra

Best Kannada Film list

Gubbi Mele Brhmastra is a 2019 Kannada Romantic Comedy drama written and directed by Sujay Shastry. Starring Raj B. Shetty and Kavitha Gowda in the lead roles. A Software engineer Gubbi meets heroine Purple Priya, and falls head over heels for her and falls in the problems. All hell breaks loose once Gubbi finds himself on the wrong side of the villainous Mr. Robinhood and Venkat Reddy, and to make things worse, Priya is kidnapped. What follows is a series of misadventures, how Gubbi and his best friend Nani escape from the problem is story. IMDB rating 5.2/ 10

4. Mayabazar 2016

Best Kannada Film list

Mayabazar 2016 is a 2020 Kannada Comedy drama film on Amazon prime written and directed by debutant Radhakrishna Reddy, features Prakash raj, Raj B. Shetty, Vasishta Simha, Achyth Kumar, and Chaithra Rao,The movie is about events surrounding the 2016 demonetization and revolves around an honest police officer, a small-time conman, a jobless youth and a corrupt cop who end up crossing each other’s paths when they are in quest of money. IMDB rating 7.2/10

5. Humble politician Nograj

Best Kannada Film list

Humble politician Nograj is a 2018 Kannada Comedy drama Written and directed by Saad Khan Danish Sait acted in the lead role in the film, who plays the title character of Nograj, a corrupt politician, he aspires to become the MLA in the upcoming elections but he has to figure out a way to outsmart Jagatprabhu F Kumar, the opposition candidate. IMDB rating 7/10

6. 1st rank Raju

1st Rank Raju is a 2015 comedy drama film written and directed by Naresh Kumar HN. It stars  Gurunandan palyed a lead role as Raju, who is a quintessential geek at school, aims at always securing the first place in the class. His parents sacrifice everything to ensure he is a consistent topper. How he face the challenges in the real life is shown comically. All parents should watch this movie before forcing the children to get a rank. IMDB rating 7.8/10

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