Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime | High IMDb rated Telugu Thrillers – 2022

Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime: Amazon prime is a best platform to watch a regional (Hindi, TeluguTamil, Kannada, Malayalam) content, here you can find a great content in all genera like Comedy, Thriller and romantic. If you are searching for the Telugu thriller movies, find the best thriller Telugu movies on Amazon Prime in this article. List of Best Telugu thrillers on Amazon Prime are mentioned below Binge watching best Telugu thrillers.

List of Best Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime

Best Telugu thriller movies in amazon prime : Read the full list


Kanapadatledhu is a Latest Telugu Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime , this is a 2021 Indian Telugu crime thriller film written and directed by Balaraju M. Staring Sunil in lead role as Detective Rama Krishna who is looking to solve the mystery of an unidentified body. IMDb rating 7.3/10


Kapatadhaari is a 2021 Thriller movies in amazon prime Telugu, directed by Pradeep Krishnamoorthy. Staring Sumanth in the lead role as a traffic police officer tries to investigate an unsolved murder case that falls outside of his jurisdiction. IMDb rating 6.4/10


Madha is a 2020 Telugu medical thriller film on Amazon Prime, directed by Srividya Basawa and starring Trishna Mukherjee and Rahul Venkat in lead role. MADHA is a female-centered psychological thriller on Amazon Prime. IMDb rating 5.8/10

Mathu Vadalara

Mathu Vadalara in a 2019 best comedy thriller movies on amazon prime Telugu. Babu is a delivery boy who gets frustrated with the Job as his salary is very low decide to go Village back, his friend and roommate Satya shows him how to get ‘tips’ from the greedy customer. Babu is reluctant, but tries to pull it off and his very first attempt goes wrong, fell in to a deep mess and needs to clean it up as soon as possible. IMDb rating 8.3/10


V is a 2020 best Telugu Psycho thriller movies on amazon prime, directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti. Staring Nani in a lead role as V who sets out to exact revenge for his wife’s brutal murder. However, he must evade a police officer, who is determined to catch him. IMDb rating 8.3/10


Hit is a suspense thriller movies Telugu in prime, directed by Sailesh Kolanu, Vikram, a police officer grappling with a personal tragedy, must put his feelings aside and focus on the investigation of a missing girl named Preethi. IMDb rating 7.7/10


Evaru is a 2019 best telugu suspense thriller movies on amazon prime India, directed by Venkat Ramji.  The film starring Adivi Sesh in a lead role as Sub-inspector Vikram is entrusted with the task of investigating the murder of a high ranking officer who was killed by his alleged rape victim. When he delves deeper into the case he uncovers some surprising facts. IMDb rating 8.2/10.

Agent Sai Srinivas Athreya

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a 2019 thriller movie telugu in amazon prime, film directed by Swaroop RSJ . Its a investigative thriller revolving around the adventures of a detective based out of Nellore. IMDb rating 8.4/10


Goodachari is a 2018 best Telugu thriller on Amazon Prime, its a  action spy film directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka. Staring Adivi sesh as Gopi RAW agent, but on his graduation day, he is implicated in a plot to kill two RAW officials. Declared a wanted terrorist, Gopi fights to clear his name and find the people responsible. IMDb rating 7.9/10

Palasa 1978

Palasa 1978 is a thriller movies telugu in amazon prime directed by Karuna Kumar. Its a 1978 background movie , Guru Murthy, a rich landlord, and his brother abuse the lower castes. However, Mohan Rao and his brother decide to fight the tyranny of the landlords, sparking communal tension. IMDb rating 7.4/10.

U turn

U Turn is a 2018 Indian mystery-thriller in Amazon Prime, film written and directed by Pawan Kumar. Female oriented movie staring Samantha n a lead role, as a reporter When a flyover in the city becomes the hotbed of accidents, a young reporter decides to investigate the issue. Her quest for an answer leads her into a web of intrigue, murder and mystery. IMDb rating 7/10

Best Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime Telugu Dubbed


Tumbbad is a best 2018 Horror Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime Telugu Dubbed directed by Rahi Anil Barve. A mythological story about a goddess who created the entire universe. The plot revolves around the consequences when humans build a temple for her first-born. Its a “best suspense thriller movies on amazon prime Telugu“. IMDb rating 8.3/10


Maayavan is a Telugu Dubbed Best Science action Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime. Kumarana, policeman, must investigate a series of mysterious murders that seems to be the work of a serial killer. IMDb rating 7.3/10

Anjali CBI

Anjali CBI is a telugu dubbed thriller on Amazon Prime. Staring Nayanathara as Anjali a CBI officer, investigating for serial killer who the police claim to have killed years ago. However, the investigation becomes personal when he targets her family. IMDb rating 7.4/10.

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