Top IMDb rated Best Marathi movies on Amazon prime

Amazon prime video is a best online website to watch regional movies. The number of movies released in Amazon prime is more compared all other sites, finding a best Marathi movie amazon prime to watch is difficult. So we made your job easy, here is the list of good Marathi on Amazon prime.

Best marathi movies on amazon prime

Sher Shivraj

Release date: 22 April 2022
Director : Digpal Lanjekar
Genre: Historical drama 
Casting : Chinmay Mandlekar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Ajay Purkar, Mukesh Rishi 
IMDb Rating: 9.3/10

New marathi movies on amazon prime, Sher Shivraj is the film on the life of king, Shivaji where he defeated Afzal Khan. When Maharashtra are being crushed under the tyrannical Adilshahi rule, Lord Narsimha appears to save them in the form of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Must watch Marathi movies on amazon prime.


  • Release date: 19 November 2021
  • Director : Hemant Dhome
  • Genre:  Drama 
  • Casting :  Suhas Joshi, Nirmiti Sawant, Sonalee Kulkarni, Siddharth Chandekar, Kshitee Jog, Suchitra Bandekar, Mrinmayee Godbole and Sayali Sanjeev.
  • IMDb Rating: 7.9 /10

Latest best Marathi movie on amazon prime. Its a story of seven women from different backgrounds embark on a journey of self-discovery in the United Kingdom.


  • Release date: 28 September 2019
  • Director : Abhijeet Mohan Warang
  • Genre:  Drama 
  • Casting : Prasad Oak, Samay Sanjeev Tambe and Ashwini Mukadam
  • IMDb Rating: 8.1 /10

Picasso is a good movie in prime, Gandharva is selected to be part of a national painting competition whose winner will get to travel to Picasso’s birthplace in Spain, but his parents can’t afford the entrance fee.


  • Release date:  14 February 2020
  • Director : Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Genre: Drama 
  • Casting :  Ashok Saraf, Padmini Kolhapure, Shashank Udapurkar, Vikram Gokhale and Rajit Kapur
  • IMDb Rating: 8/10

Prawaas is a top movie in prime video, When his kidneys fail to function, a 65-year-old retiree finds himself on a path which takes him on unique journey with his wife.

Double Seat

Release date:  14 August 2015
Director : Sameer Sanjay Vidwans
Genre: Drama 
Casting : Ankush Choudhary and Mukta Barve.
IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

A newly married young couple wishes to live independently in their own apartment away from their families. They both are hard working and optimistic individuals. Will they be able to live the life of their dreams? is a story


  • Release date:  1 January 2016
  • Director : Mahesh Manjrekar
  • Genre: Tragedy Drama 
  • Casting : Nana Patekar , Medha Manjrekar, Vikram Gokhale as Rambhau
  • IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

Natsamrat is a best movie on amazon prime till now. Its a story of Ganpat Belwalkar, a Shakespearean actor, who after retirement divides his property amongst his two children. However, their ungratefulness leaves Ganpat and his wife homeless during their old age.

Time Please

Release date: 26 July 2013
Director : Sameer Sanjay Vidwans
Genre: Tragedy Drama 
Casting : Nana Patekar , Medha Manjrekar, Vikram Gokhale as Rambhau
IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

Time pass a best marathi comedy movies on amazon prime, its a story of Amruta, a 24-year-old outspoken woman, marries Hrishi, a matured 30 year aged man. However, they soon start realising their differences and yet try to make their relationship work.

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